A memorial for the Tree

I’m filled with so many emotions, as I continue to grapple with the horror of the City chopping the Tree down. I first encountered the Tree in the middle of Rose Bowl Parking Lot K in Pasadena in 2005, and I will never forget it. I will always love it. It will always be a part of my family. Many thanks to all the Tree Baby parents and to everyone who helps keep the Tree’s memory alive! And many thanks to everyone who participates in the public memorial of the Tree by bringing a rock and placing it around where the Tree once lived.

A memorial honoring the Tree that Joel Tauber adopted in 2005. The Tree lived in the middle of a giant parking lot in front of the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California, USA until the City chopped down the Tree in 2019.

The Tree Is Gone!!! Replaced by concrete.

The Tree is gone!!! Replaced by concrete!!! Joel Tauber is beyond devastated.

The Tree is gone!!! Replaced by concrete. And, I’m beyond devastated.

At the same time, I’m trying to focus on all of the Tree Babies that are thriving. So, I went to visit the USC Tree Baby to try to cheer up.

Many thanks to all the Tree Baby parents!

Thankfully, many Tree Babies, including the USC Tree Baby, are thriving.

Today, I returned to the site where the Tree once lived, and I mourned It’s passing.

I will always love The Tree, and I will always miss The Tree.