Duane Toops’ podcast episode, “Art Meets Mysticism: An Interview with Joel Tauber”, now live

Many thanks to Duane Toops for interviewing me on his podcast The Process & The Path. It was a joy talking with him! Check out the podcast episode, “Art Meets Mysticism: An Interview With Joel Tauber” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor FM; and check out the video version of our conversation on YouTube as well.

Pumping screens at 3 film festivals in India in December

A big (and belated) thank you to the Pune Short Film Festival (Kothrud Pune, India), the IMA International Film Festival (Thrissur, India), and the Kanyakumari International Film Festival (Kanyakumari, India) for screening the movie, Pumping, in December.

Sick Amour and Pumping screening in Transition Town Totnes Film Festival

The movie versions of Sick-Amour and Pumping will be screening in the Transition Town Totnes Film Festival on Sunday November 16th at 6 pm in the Civic Hall (on High Street) in Totnes, England. Afterwards, I will be talking about Sick-Amour, Pumping, and The Sharing Project.

Three Screenings In Sandwell England On October 25

The movie versions of Pumping and Sick-Amour will be screening in the UK Man and Biosphere Committee Urban Forum’s event, “Spirituality, Culture, Myth, Art, and Nature.” The event will be held at the Balaji Temple Conference Centre in Sandwell, England on October 25 and 26.

Sick-Amour will screen on October 25th at 3:30 pm in the Main Hall at the Temple.

Pumping will screen twice, first at 3:52 pm and then at 4:50 pm, on October 25th in the Upper Film Room Conference Centre at the Temple.

Here’s the link for more info about the event.