Pumping screens at 3 film festivals in India in December

A big (and belated) thank you to the Pune Short Film Festival (Kothrud Pune, India), the IMA International Film Festival (Thrissur, India), and the Kanyakumari International Film Festival (Kanyakumari, India) for screening the movie, Pumping, in December.

“Private Property And Inequity” in The Huffington Post

In honor of the upcoming Moral March in Raleigh on February 14, here’s a piece from The Sharing Project​ about private property and inequity. It’s in The Huffington Post in the politics section.

“How Do We Figure Out How Much To Share?” in The Huffington Post

Here’s a piece I wrote for The Sharing Project that brings up some of the philosophical issues in play when figuring out how much to share. It’s in The Huffington Post in the “Impact” section.

“To What Extent Are We Teaching Our Kids To Share?” in The Huffington Post

I hope you enjoy this piece I wrote for The Sharing Project. It contemplates the extent that we’re teaching our kids to share and looks at some ways that we may be teaching the opposite. Check it out in The Huffington Post (in the parents section).