An article about intellectual sparring, comedy, and BELT in Impakter Magazine

Check out my article in Impakter Magazine that explores how comedy and intellectual sparring — like what I’m doing with Eric Wilson in BELT: A 2-Man Memoir — can help us achieve a more enlightened form of masculinity.

Article about UNDERWATER in Impakter magazine

It was a joy to write this story for Impakter Magazine about pollution and environmentalism, while thinking about my roots. I talk about UNDERWATER: a 7 channel video installation and operatic disco where I sing about global warming and pollution like a Jewish cantor on the Day of Atonement, while trance music arises from depth readings taken from 40 of my scuba dives. UNDERWATER opens at the Adamski Gallery in Berlin this May. If you have any stories about global warming, marine life, seas rising and hurricanes, please send them to – they will be included in the show.