Hickory Stick

Hickory Stick, the first podcast episode in BELT: A 2-Man Memoir, grapples with male violence. Spare the rod. Restore the foreskin. Slip-slide away. Available now on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and TuneIn. Will be on Spotify and Google Podcasts soon as well.

Hickory Stick, a podcast episode in BELT: A 2-Man Memoir, grapples with male violence. Spare the rod. Restore the foreskin. Slip-slide away.

BELT: A 2-Man Memoir

Belt: A 2-Man Memoir is a podcast about masculinity by Joel Tauber and Eric Wilson. Humorous man wisdom. Iconoclastic banter. Where cultural studies bangs into the locker room.

Eric Wilson and I are thrilled to launch BELT: A 2-Man Memoir, our podcast about masculinity. Humorous man wisdom. Iconoclastic banter. Where cultural studies bangs into the locker room. Terrified men preen. But they also confess their fears, their desires. Desperate for brotherhood. We are raw, vulnerable. We voice our most intimate stories. We make sense of the forces that have shaped our manhood. Those constructs that invigorate, we embrace. The rest, we quiet. We will be better men.

As a vomit-burp is to not-vomiting, so the profane is to the sacred.  Parental discretion advised.  Through the talk of the locker room, we transcend the locker room.  If we are ridiculous, well . . . we are ridiculous. 

Listen to our first episode, Hickory Stick – Male Violence Undone, on our website: https://belt.live/ BELT: A 2-Man Memoir will also be available – soon! – on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play.

Article about UNDERWATER in Impakter magazine

It was a joy to write this story for Impakter Magazine about pollution and environmentalism, while thinking about my roots. I talk about UNDERWATER: a 7 channel video installation and operatic disco where I sing about global warming and pollution like a Jewish cantor on the Day of Atonement, while trance music arises from depth readings taken from 40 of my scuba dives. UNDERWATER opens at the Adamski Gallery in Berlin this May. If you have any stories about global warming, marine life, seas rising and hurricanes, please send them to mail@adamskigallery.com – they will be included in the show.

Two stories about The Sharing Project installation at the Aiken County Historical Museum in the Aiken Standard

The Sharing Project installation (on July 29) at the Aiken County Historical Museum

Many thanks to Larry Wood and to the Aiken Standard for the wonderful feature, front page story about The Sharing Project exhibition at the Aiken County Historical Museum, and many thanks for the excellent shorter story that ran a few days earlier as well.

And, of course, many thanks to Brenda Baratto, Lauren Virgo, Doris Baumgarten, Joe Christian, and everyone else at the Aiken County Historical Museum for working with me on the show.

Sharing Project installation opens at Aiken County Historical Museum

There was a time when there were numerous socialist experiments in America, like the one, called Happyville, that 50 Russian Jews from New York started in South Carolina in 1905. Happyville has almost entirely disappeared, but you can explore what remains by visiting The Sharing Project installation at the Aiken County Historical Museum — located just minutes away from where Happyville once was.

In addition to the Happyville video, there are 4 other short films (selected from the 15 in larger versions of the installation) and 21 interviews that explore the meaning and value of sharing in a personal and interdisciplinary way.

I encourage you to participate in the exhibition not only by watching the films, but by sharing canned food and bringing it to the museum. You will have an opportunity at the end of the show to take some of the communal food and give it away to whomever you think will appreciate it.

More information below:

Canned food gathering: now through July 29
Exhibition: June 1 – July 29
Opening Reception: Friday June 1, 6-8 pm
Closing and canned food distribution event: Sunday July 29, 3-5 pm

Aiken County Historical Museum
Open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Sunday from 2:00 to 5:00 pm
Admission is free
Address: 433 Newberry St SW, Aiken, SC 29801

Phone: 803-642-2015

Story about UNDERWATER on ORF Radio in Austria

I’m thrilled about the wonderful story that aired on March 21 on ORF Radio: Ö1 in Austria about UNDERWATER: an operatic disco at KOENIG2 by_robbygreif. Many thanks to Hanna Ronzheimer for interviewing me and Robby Greif and for putting together the story! Listen to it via this link through March 28: http://oe1.orf.at/programm/20180321/509144


UNDERWATER: an operatic disco opens on March 8 in Vienna at KOENIG2 by_robbygreif

I’m really excited that my new project, UNDERWATER, is premiering this Thursday! It’s a 7-channel video installation that’s also an operatic disco. A fusion of environmentalism, trance music, and mysticism.

Watch the preview video to hear me singing about global warming like a Jewish cantor on the Day of Atonement.

And read more – press release below – about the project and its premiere at KOENIG2 by_robbygreif in Vienna.

Hope to see you soon!

Joel Tauber | UNDERWATER

KOENIG2 by_robbygreif

March 8 – April 21

Opening: March 8, 6-9 pm

UNDERWATER brings environmentalism, trance music, and mysticism together; as it suggests, in interactive and immersive ways, that we’re all connected to each other and to the land / sea – even if we have largely forgotten that and even if we have to collectively change our ways. As people dance in the UNDERWATER operatic disco, their movements – which echo Tauber’s – blur the distinctions between our bodies. The boundaries between the Self and the Other collapse; just as the distinctions between people / marine life blur, and the distinctions between the human built environment of the exhibition space and the underwater video world merge.

In the 7-channel video installation, 5 videos focus on what Tauber finds underwater: pollution, death, nausea, a beautiful sea turtle, and swaying kelp… A 6th video shows him disappearing into a cloud of air bubbles; and a 7th video shows a visual map of his 40 scuba dives, which slowly moves into existence from left to right in real time with the 51 minute musical piece.

The composition arises from depth readings recorded during every second of Tauber’s dives. Tauber assigned each dive an instrument and a beat and translated the movements of each dive in real time into music: the deeper the depth reading, the deeper the note. Sometimes, all 40 dives play together. Other times, a “band” of dives are heard. And, then there are moments when individual dives have “solos”. Tauber sings his dive depths (higher notes for the higher depths, deeper notes for the deeper depths) (“43 feet”… “80 feet”…) at various intervals to emphasize the relationships between his movements underwater and the music.

Tauber sings about seeking the Other (which is the chorus) in ways that evoke the Jewish cantorial scales; and he sings about pollution and global warming in ways that evoke the iconic old melody “Kol Nidre” from the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. So, there is a prayer-like / collective atonement element to this underwater rave.

8 drawings of the musical notes and lyrics in the composition will surround the videos, and overhead neon blue lights will illuminate the space.

Participation in the show can happen both directly, by experiencing the installation and dancing to its music; and also remotely, by responding to the call to send personal stories about global warming, marine life, seas rising, and hurricanes to koenig2@christinekoeniggalerie.at  These stories will be included in the show.

The show will be visible 24/7 from the street via the gallery’s large windows; and on Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm, the gallery will open its doors so visitors can more fully experience the UNDERWATER operatic disco and dance in the space. Please contact the gallery to enter at other times as well.

KOENIG2 by_robbygreif  •  margaretenstraße 5 | 1040 vienna | austria  •  +43 1 585 74 74  •  +43 677 61 38 31 76  •  koenig2@christinekoeniggalerie.at   •  http://www.christinekoeniggalerie.com   •  http://www.koenig2.com


Talking about The Sharing Project in Aiken on Tuesday the 16th

I’m doing a talk on Tuesday the 16th at 10:30 at the Aiken County Historical Museum in South Carolina about The Sharing Project installation and the forgotten socialist Jewish commune of Happyville — which existed for a short period (1905-1908) near Aiken — in advance of the exhibition of the installation at the Aiken County Historical Museum this summer. If you’re in the area on the 16th, it would be great to see you there!