Review in ArtScene

Thank you so much Diane Calder for your wonderful review of The Sharing Project show at the UAM in ArtScene!!! I really appreciate it!!!

Here’s the link. I’ve also included the text below:

Note the number of times the word “MINE,” (a form of the possessive case of “I”) is brandished by children testing the boundaries of ownership, and you begin to get some idea of how challenging was artist and filmmaker Joel Tauber’s project to teach the value of sharing to his preschool aged son Zeke. Complicated when Zeke’s younger brother Ozzie arrives on the scene, Tauber’s examination of the history, philosophy and psychology of sharing, in a society where “socialism” is considered to be a dirty word and the attitude that “he who dies with the most toys wins,” is unduly promoted, leads him to examine, with Zeke, the remains of “Happyville,” an early twentieth century Jewish commune of 50 pioneers in South Carolina. There, determined to uncover the mysteries of sharing and to “fix,” metaphysically and poetically, whatever caused this utopian community to disintegrate, Zeke and his dad get to work with Zeke’s “special tools,” that is toy hammer, pliers and shovel. Together they probe and dig, then “repair” an ancient tractor and decaying building. Supporting that feature video, “The Sharing Project,” are numerous short films focusing on Zeke and his dad grappling with the challenges of sharing, as well as tablets involving 21 experts in different fields offering their thoughts on the subject. In addition, Tauber invites members of the viewing audience to contribute toys and position them with others in a growing gallery sculpture of sharing that will be dispersed among the community as each contributor is encouraged to select one toy to take away at the end of the show (CSU Long Beach, Long Beach).

Author: Joel Tauber

Activist. Artist. Filmmaker. Wake Forest University Associate Professor.